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  • Body Quote Candle

    They’re the perfect gift for the candle lovers. It’s a candle, moisturizer and massage oil all in one! Just one drop and your skin will never be the same!

    These soy candles burn at 102 degrees, slightly higher than normal body temperature. They’re never hot.

    Use them on cuticles, elbows, feet, or dry skin anywhere.

  • I Love You Valentine’s Candle

    What’s better than an edible candle for lovers. Whatever happens in the bedroom remains behind closed doors. Your imagination is the limit. They are perfect for romance without any bitter after taste. The candles are scented and flavored with flavor oils. Hence, edible.

    Note: These candles are to enhance your romantic life in the bedroom. They are safe to lick and taste.

    Warning: We do NOT recommend eating the candles.