Washing Your Face: Why You Need a Good Cleanser

Compared to the complex world of serums, moisturizers, and other treatments, cleansers are easy to overlook. Most people consider them simply to be a way to remove the day’s dirt and makeup; however, the reality is that cleansers have an inherently powerful effect on the condition of your skin. Whether this effect is positive or negative is ultimately determined by which formula you choose.


Well-formulated cleansers do more than wash your face. They allow serums and moisturizers to absorb properly, along with other product-specific benefits — exfoliating, unclogging pores, improving tone and texture, restoring your skin’s moisture balance, and more.

On the other hand, poorer cleansers tend to strip and damage the skin. When skin problems arise, they can always be traced back to a bad cleanser, such as harsh drugstore formulas, body washes, or even bar soaps.

Harmful cleansers can…

  • Compromise skin’s protective barrier
  • Strip away natural oils
  • Unbalance healthy pH
  • Cause irritation, redness, or sensitivity
  • Produce acne breakouts
  • Result in dryness, tightness, or flaking


The ideal cleanser will be medical-grade, gentle, non-irritating, non-comedogenic, and appropriate for your skin. We offer excellent dermatologist-developed products which fit the bill — each is suitable for your specific skin types, made with clinical strength actives, 100% sulfate-free, and free of artificial fragrance.

For oily skin, acne, and hyperpigmentation: Salicylic Face and Body Wash

Micro-exfoliating cleanser with 2% salicylic acid and 1% moisturizing and antimicrobial coconut oil at low pH 4.5 for enhanced dead cell removal. Removes surface dead cell build up to improve luminosity and even skin tone.

  • Effectively cleanses without drying skin
  • Improves luminosity and evens skin tone
  • Deep cleans pores
  • Treats and prevents acne on face and body
  • Calms bikini, folliculitis and razor bumps

For normal to sensitive skin: Chamomile Facial Cleanser

Gentle gel cleanser formulated with chamomile and ginger essential oils to calm and soothe skin, helping to reduce redness and irritation. Algae peptides firm and smooth skin texture, while brown algae extract clears away pollution and makeup.

  • Replenishes moisture and nourishes skin while removing impurities
  • Softens the appearance of fine lines and helps smooth skin texture.
  • Gentle on sensitive, post-procedure, red or irritated skin.
  • Contains no pore-clogging ingredients.

For dry, mature, or post-procedure skin: Lavender Creamy Cleanser

Hydrating milk cleanser with lavender essential oil, aloe, and vitamin E. Calms skin while gently cleansing makeup and impurities. Can be used with water or without.

  • Promotes skin softness and smoothness
  • Replenishes skin moisture
  • Soothes redness and dryness
  • Suitable for face, neck, and eyes

For whole-body cleansing & exfoliation: Papaya Mint Body Scrub

Exfoliating and pore-detoxifying body scrub with papaya extract, jojoba beads, spearmint essential oil, and vitamins A and E. Smooths skin bumps and reduces the occurrence of breakouts. Excellent for keratosis pilaris.

  • Daily gentle exfoliation
  • Minty enzyme scrub visibly lessens keratosis pilaris
  • Helps fade uneven pigmentation
  • Helps clear acne and folliculitis

Cleansing isn’t just a prerequisite for a good skincare regimen — it’s an inherent part of it, and it deserves just as much careful consideration as any other step. Let us help you find the right cleanser for your skin.

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